NUHEAT CUSTOM MATS (On Sale! - click here)

Nuheat Custom Mats on Sale! 

Order a custom mat & thermostat and receive 10% off the custom mat plus a free Install Pro Alarm tester and a free backup Floor Sensing Probe

Please be advised that Nuheat will be conducting annual maintenance on the NUHEAT Custom Mat manufacturing equipment, starting on July 17, 2023 and concluding on or before July 30, 2023. Production is scheduled to resume on July 31, 2023. Customers requiring Custom Mats between July 17 and August 11 are advised to have their orders submitted no later than June 30. 

Nuheat Custom Mats are custom-manufactured to fit your exact room/area dimensions.  They are available in both 12 watts per square foot (floor warming) or 15 watts per square foot (primary source heating).

Nuheat Custom Mats are only 1/8” thick and eliminates the need to configure the heating wires during installation. Once the room/area dimensions are submitted, Nuheat Custom Mats are manufactured in only three days. The Nuheat Custom Mat will match the exact dimensions provided by the customer even for the most complex room/area shapes. Because the heating wire is embedded in the Nuheat Custom Mat and does not need to be configured during installation, the heat coverage is guaranteed to be consistent throughout the desired heating area.

NEW!  Now NUHEAT floor heating products (mats, cable & mesh) are UL approved for installation under Luxury Vinyl flooring!  Heat Tile, Stone, Laminate & Engineered Wood AND LVT floors!

Custom Nuheat Mat Quotes & Orders are easy:

  1. Just text, fax or email us a drawing of the room.  
  2. Text:  412.613.9299

    Fax: 1.800.815.0569

  3. Don't have a drawing?   A simple hand sketch of the room is fine.  Use our measuring instructions template (pdf) if you need help with the drawing
  4. We will then be in touch (within 24 hours) with pricing and electrical information.

  5. Custom Mat Example:

    Nuheat Custom Mats on Sale! 

    Order a custom mat & thermostat and receive 10% off the custom mat plus a free Mat Sense Pro tester and a free backup Floor Sensing Probe

    Remember, electric radiant floor heat will not radiant sideways; you will only have warm floors where you have coverage from your floor heating system

    Nuheat Custom Mats are available in both 120 and 240 volt formats.  Nuheat mats feature 25-year warranties.

    To order your Nuheat mat, or to receive an estimate, just fax, email, or text in your measurements.  Please call or email with any questions.

    Phone: 1.800.815.0502

    Text:  412.613.9299

    Fax: 1.800.815.0569

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Nuheat Custom Mat

Nuheat Custom Mat

Nuheat Custom Mats on Sale!  Prices starting at $368Order a custom mat & thermostat and rec..


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