Need a reference? Unfortunately the internet is full of fake “testimonials”… So, if you require some peace of mind before ordering, please feel free to try the following:

For the ultimate recommendation, why not go directly to the source of the products being sold? We have had a very strong relationship with Nuheat for a dozen years and have become one of their largest distributors. They know us well and can vouch for our company’s character. Please feel free to contact Nuheat directly should you wish to have a reference before ordering. Toll free 1.800.815.0502 or customercare@nuheat.com

Contact us directly. We are happy to demonstrate to you our vast knowledge of radiant heating and our commitment to customer service prior to your ordering. Toll free 1.800.815.0502 or info@radiantsource.com

Phone 1.800.815.0502
Fax 1.800.815.0569
Email: info@radiantsource.com