Radiant Source Frequently Asked Questions

Which product should I use – Nuheat Mats or Nuheat Cable?

The Nuheat mats are easier and quicker to install. However, they are only available in squares and rectangles. When a room has curves or angles, one of two things can be done: 1. You may order a custom mat (click here for custom mat ordering instructions) or 2. You may use a Nuheat cable system (click here for Nuheat Cable installation instructions).

Can I control more than one mat or one cable system with a single control?

Yes, a single thermostat (both 120v and 240v) can control multiple mats, multiple cables, or a combination of mats and cables. The question is not how many mats or cables, rather how many amps. Each control can handle a total load of 15 amps (each mat or cable has an amp rating in its description). In terms of square footage, the controls can handle a maximum of 150 square feet of heated floor at 120 volts or 300 square feet of heated floor at 240 volts. When using multiple mats or cables, simply add up their amps and if the total is less than 15, a single thermostat will suffice. If the sum is greater than 15 amps, a relay contactor or additional thermostat must be used. Please call for consultation on larger projects requiring multiple thermostats or relays – volume discounts may be available.

Where are the lead wires on a Nuheat mat?

The lead wires are located in a corner of the mat. They are 10 feet in length. Since there is no right or wrong side to a Nuheat mat, the mat may be flipped or turned so that the lead wire is in the most convenient spot to your thermostat. Extra lead wire (up to 12 additional feet for a total of 22 feet) may be purchased for $6 per linear feet – please call to place order for extra lead wire mats.

What is the difference between 120 volt and 240 volt?

The most important thing to know here is that there is no difference in the heat output or energy efficiency between 120V & 240V. Both use 12 watts per square foot. When the voltage is doubled from 120 volts to 240 volts, the amperage is cut in half. The net result is that a 240 volt control can control twice the square footage of a 120 volt control. Hence the main difference between the two is that 240 volt is generally used for larger projects (above 150 square feet) and 120 volts for smaller projects. However, it is just fine to use a 240 volt mat for a small project should you want or need to (for instance, many old electric baseboard heaters are 240v, if you wish to replace this with a Nuheat system, it make sense to reuse the existing 240v circuit in the room).

Can I cut the wire to change the mat size / cable length?

No. The wire in the mat, or the Nuheat cable may never be cut to change its size. Altering the length of the wire will change the resistance in the wire and ruin the system.

What if I accidentally cut the wire?

We provide, free of charge with all mat & cable purchases, a device called the Mat Sense Pro. This is a battery powered device that constantly monitors the functionality of the mat / cable during installation. Should the mat or cable be damaged, a siren in the Mat Sensor will sound indicating damage. If this happens, contact us immediately (1.800.815.0502) and we will provide a repair kit. The repair of a severed wire should be made by an electrician. Please note that the systems can handle normal foot traffic associated with installation and if common sense is used during installation, no damage should occur.

Are the systems efficient?

Nuheat is a clean soundless system that brings warmth to any space. Nuheat Floor Warming Systems provide radiant zone heating which is very energy efficient. Zone heating using a programmable thermostat, means heating room by room, use by use - heat only where you want, when you want it. Electric radiant heat allows homeowners to lower their central heating system while still being comfortable. It offers an energy saving alternative to keeping the forced air heating system running throughout the entire house and can help reduce a home's overall energy consumption. Reducing a home's sole reliance on a forced air system by including Nuheat also creates a healthy home as Nuheat does not generate any dust or air born pollutants. The system itself has no particle or material decomposition. Nuheat is controlled by an Energy Star qualified thermostat which ensures that the Nuheat Floor Warming Systems are only in use when needed. And because Nuheat has no moving parts and once installed is safely encased in thinset/mortar, Nuheat is 100% maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your floors. Radiant heat is a comfortable healthy way to warm any space.

Can Nuheat be a primary source of heat?

The applications for Nuheat can go beyond simply the bathroom or kitchen, and can serve as more than just a luxury. If rooms in your home comply with modern insulation requirements for your region, Nuheat can act as an effective and efficient heat source. This means less dependence on additional heat sources, as well as reduced energy costs associated with heating. However, for rooms with lower insulation levels (in older homes), additional heat sources may still be required, especially if upgrading insulation values proves difficult. Upgrading your insulation, however, regardless of your heat source will not only keep your house warmer but also lower heating bills.

Can the 10' leads be extended?

Yes, all our leads can be extended up to 22' in length. Please include this request when ordering your Nuheat Mat.

Do the leads need to reach the thermostat?

Most contractors prefer the leads to reach the thermostat. However, it is also possible to run the leads into an accessible junction box and use regular house wire (Romex, etc.) to run the power from the thermostat to the leads in the junction box. However, the junction box has to be accessible and be covered by a cover plate.

Does the mat radiate heat off the edge of the mat?

No, you will only feel heat directly over where Nuheat is installed.

Do you have to wait for the thinset to dry before laying the tile?

No, this is a major advantage of installing Nuheat. Tiling can begin immediately after the Nuheat Mat(s) is thinsetted down onto the subfloor.

Can Nuheat go under solid hardwood?

Nuheat is only permitted to be installed under laminate/engineered wood floors.

Can Nuheat Mats be repaired if damaged?

Yes, Nuheat Mats can be repaired using our mat repair kit. If you suspect that your mat needs to be repaired, please contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-778-9276. Your entire floor will not need to be ripped up to repair the break (this is a common misperception of electric floor heating systems).

Can Nuheat Mats be installed in wet environments such as shower beds and saunas?

Yes Nuheat Mats can be installed in wet environments such as shower beds and saunas. However, a separate Nuheat Mat is required for the shower area. If the Nuheat Mat in the shower is damaged, it cannot be repaired because the waterproof feature of the Nuheat Mat will be compromised. By using a separate Nuheat Mat in the shower, the floor heating in the bathroom floor will not be affected.

Question not answered? Please call 1.800.815.0502 or email info@radiantsource.com – we are happy to assist.