Nuheat Custom Mats

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The Nuheat Radiant Floor Warming System offers over 60 different standard electric floor warming Nuhat mat sizes to heat tile and stone floors as well as laminate and engineered wood floors. These Nuheat mats, or a combination of Nuheat mats, can fit most room applications. If you have a specific size you need, please visit to shop for mats by dimensions.

Custom Nuheat Mats

When full coverage cannot be achieved with Nuheat Standard Electric Floor Warming mats (i.e. angled or curved walls), the Nuheat Radiant Floor Warming System offers Custom Nuheat Mats to provide optimal coverage. From the toe-kick of your vanity through the door into the water closet Radiant Source in conjunction with the Nuheat Design Team can create a custom application that will ensure warm floors and total barefoot comfort.

To Order your Custom Nuheat Mats

  1. Watch our instructional video or download the pdf instuctions to learn how to measure your custom Nuheat mat.
  2. Measure the room area you wish to install the custom Nuheat mat. Be careful to double-check your measurements. Use our measuring instructions template (pdf).
  3. Phone, Email, or Fax in your dimensions and our friendly staff will assist you!

Whether you are designing a dream house or renovating your home you won't have to design around Nuheat because Nuheat Custom Mats will be designed around you. Our Electric Floor Warming Nuheat Mats can fit any room regardless of shape or size.

Examples where you may need a custom fit mat:

Nuheat mats custom shapes

Remember, electric radiant floor heat will not radiant sideways; you will only have warm floors where you have your Nuheat mats.

Nuheat Mats are available in both 110 and 220 volt formats. Nuheat mats feature 25-year warranties under tile and stone and 10-year warranties under laminate and engineered wood.

To order your Nuheat mat, or to receive an estimate, follow the instructions in this document (350k pdf) or watch the instructional video and fax, email, or call in your measurements.

Phone: 1.800.815.0502
Fax: 1.800.815.0569